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Switchbacks Move On To Semifinals‏

Switchbacks FC Are Moving To The Semifinals In 2015 USL Playoffs!


The Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC are moving on to the Western Conference Semifinals in the 2015 USL Playoffs! The Switchbacks won their Quarterfinal match on Friday night against Seattle Sounders FC 2 by a score of 2-0. “We knew this was the biggest game of the season so far,” said Switchbacks FC’s Miguel Gonzalez. “We had to play big to get a big result and we did just that. On to the next one, we aren’t done yet.” The scoring started early for the Switchbacks. The team came out on the attack and Miguel Gonzalez (#10) got a great chance on goal in the 14th minute and netted the pass into the right side from Chandler Hoffman (#15). Just eight minutes later, JJ Greer (#34) placed the perfect header into the right side of the net thanks to a perfectly placed corner kick by Nate Robinson (#7). “We fought hard tonight,” said Switchbacks FC’s JJ Greer. “It felt awesome to score at home in the playoffs. Now we have to move on and get ready to face a tough OKC team.” It wasn’t just the Switchbacks’ offense that stood out tonight. The defense stopped every attack and goalkeeper Devala Gorrick (#1) shined and netted his 10th shutout of the season. “We set out goal at making the playoffs,” said Switchbacks FC’s Goalkeeper Devala Gorrick. “We set a new goal to win the championship and I know we have the team to win it all after tonight’s performance.” The Switchbacks will now move on to the 2015 USL Western Conference Semifinals in Oklahoma City against the Energy FC. The match will be Sunday, October 4th at 4 p.m. “We had a game plan we worked on all week and we did it almost to a tee,” said Switchbacks FC Head Coach Steve Trittschuh. “We defended great and got two goals and a win.” STATS: Score – Switchbacks FC 2: Seattle Sounders FC 2 0 Shots on Goal – – Switchbacks FC: 9 – Seattle Sounders FC 2: 9 Saves – – Switchbacks FC: 5 – Seattle Sounders FC 2: 4 Cautions – – Switchbacks FC: #25 Jordan Burt (77:23), #1 Devala Gorrick (87:20), #2 Josh Phillips (90:00) – Seattle Sounders FC 2: #77 Ashani Fairclough (4:58), #31 Damion Lowe (48:46) Tickets Sold – 2,532 For more information about the Switchbacks FC, or for tickets to home matches, go to our website at switchbacksfc.com. Fans can also follow the team on Facebook www.facebook.com/switchbacksfc or Twitter @SwitchbacksFC.



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