1:14 am - Tuesday January 23, 2018

Woman Arrest for Intentionaly Feeding Bears‏

An arrest was made for knowingly feeding and luring bears onto a residence in northwest Colorado Springs, Aug. 12. After numerous warnings and citations that span multiple years, including a court order, Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the Colorado Springs Police Department made the arrest. Living with wildlife is part of living in Colorado, especially in the foothills and mountain regions of the state. However, feeding wildlife is not only illegal, but dangerous to both humans and wildlife. Bears are not typically aggressive towards people, but may become so if food is present. A bear that has become habituated to humans and domestic food can not only become aggressive but also lose their natural instincts to forage. “After a comprehensive investigation it was clear that this had become a human health and safety issue,” said Matt Robbins, public information manager for CPW. “It had become a matter of when, not if, someone was going to be hurt. We had a responsibility to intervene.” Colorado Revised Statute §33-6-131 prohibits anyone from knowingly luring bears, explaining that “it is unlawful for any person to place food or edible waste in the open with the intent of luring a wild bear to such food or edible waste.” It was determined that no less than six bears had been routinely visiting the property. Efforts are underway to capture the bears and restore safety to the neighborhood. CPW has coordinated with the El Paso County Health Department and the USDA – Wildlife Services to remove the wildlife. For more information about living with bears, visit http://cpw.state.co.us/learn/Pages/LivingwithWildlifeBears1.aspx?utm_source=CPWWeb&utm_medium=Slider-3&utm_campaign=Bear-Aware



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