7:05 pm - Monday January 22, 2018

Trend in Motor Vehilce Thefts in Colorado Springs‏

The Colorado Springs Police Department completed an assessment of motor vehicle thefts since the beginning of 2015.  An alarming trend was discovered when the number of stolen cars was compiled.  21% or 162 of the cars stolen in Colorado Springs year to date were taken with a key left inside the car or when the car was running.  Colorado Springs Police Department has called attention to the problem of puffers, when cars are left running on a cold day and the thief steals the car after seeing the exhaust coming from the unoccupied car.  This new trend goes beyond puffing according to Sgt. Kevin Miyakusu, supervisor of the Motor Vehicle Theft Taskforce.  Sgt. Miyakusu points out there have been 110 cars stolen where the key was left inside the vehicle which includes spare keys or hide-a-keys.  This is in comparison to 52 cars which were stolen when they were left running.


“This is a 100% preventable crime” states Sgt. Miyakusu.  “As tempting as it may be to leave a spare key in your car waking up and finding your car stolen is a greater inconvenience.”


From January 1, 2015 until July 31, 2015 there have been 786 vehicles stolen in Colorado Springs.



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