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Heroin Found in PCDF‏

Deputies Find Heroin in Detention Facility


 On Aug. 4, 2015 at approximately 9:00pm, the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office Detention Bureau deputies were notified that there may be drugs in the 3C wing, an all-female section, of the detention facility.

Upon notification, the detention supervisor initiated a “shake down” of the wing.  During the shake down, the entire area is searched to include the inmates.  Forty (40) women currently incarcerated in that area were searched.  While conducting the search, a female deputy discovered inmate Justina Vasquez (24 yo) was concealing an unknown substance within her body, later determined to be heroin.

For the inmate’s safety, she was taken to Parkview Medical Center where a health exam could be conducted.  Vasquez claimed, during an interview, the heroin was for personal use to help her cope with her own heroin withdraws while incarcerated.

The total amount of heroin found was 35 gross grams, with an estimated street value of $1800.

Vasquez was originally brought in on an outstanding warrant for drug possession and a restraining order violation.  Her additional charges are the following:

            18-18-405 (1) (2) (b) (I) Poss w/ intent to distribute Heroin 7 – 112 grams (sch 1) – DF2

            18-18-403 Poss of Heroin (sch 1) – DF4

            18-8-203 Introduction of contraband in the 1st degree, 35 gross grams – F4

            18-8-204.1 Possession of contraband in the 1st degree, 35 gross grams – F6

“The health and safety of the people currently housed in our facility is our number one priority.  We take all information given to us seriously and the deputies working this case were able identify and defuse a potentially dangerous situation to this inmate and others” said Detention Bureau, Security Captain Dawn Ballas.




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