5:41 am - Saturday March 25, 2017

CHINO & NACHO continue to make history with latest music video “Me Voy Enamorando”‏

sobrepasamos el millon artes


International Latin music duo, CHINO & NACHO celebrate a new milestone as their latest music video “ME VOY ENAMORANDO” surpasses 100 million views on Vevo. The video has maintained an average of one million views per day since its release, making it one of the most popular Latin music videos of the year, and the duo will likely receive a “Vevo Certified” award to commemorate the achievement.

The Latin GRAMMY winners recently released their fourth studio album entitled “RADIO UNIVERSO,” serving collaborations with different musical genres such as Reggae, Regional Mexican, EDM and Salsa, among others. The duo took inspiration from such diversity for the name of the album which translates into Universal Radio, meaning that stations around the world can find a song that resonates with their audience, regardless of the station’s musical format.

With one of the widest audiences in their category, Chino & Nacho kicked off their “RADIO UNIVERSO TOUR 2015”last December and, since then, have welcomed thousands of people of all ages in countries like Guatemala, Peru and Ecuador, among other Latin American countries, as well as some markets in the US. “Radio Universo Tour 2015”recently touched down in Panamá and the outcome was once again a total success. Upcoming shows include Houston, Texas on September 12 and Bogota, Colombia in the month of October.

More about the music video:

The video was produced by the Venezuelan, Nuno Gomes. He was responsible for developing a strong storyline for- actress and model, Naomi Hirsekon and actor, Rafael Toaldo. The behind the scenes crew exceeded 30 people (make up artists, stylists, choreographers, cameramen, painters, etc.) and in front of the camera were hundreds of humble residents of Petare, as well as students/extras for the portion filmed in the school. The video shoot itself took three days, however, the proyect to deliver such an impactful film took several weeks of planning and several days of hard labor.

The video, which delivers a powerful message of awareness about Childhood Cancer, was shot between Miami and what people believe to be one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Venezuela; Petare. For the portion of the video shot in Petare, the crew arrived days earlier and painted the houses in colorful hues; those houses make up the colorful background of the video today. The artists got to visit and spend some time with the residents and both agreed that they found nothing but love. Another interesting anecdote about the video is that the actress in the video shaved her head and donated her hair to the cause.



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