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Azteca America prepares the path for “La Isla 2015” with “LaIsla, El Camino”‏

Azteca America prepares the way for television’s riskiest test of survival on
La Isla, El Camino


First Season: August 10 to 14 at 8 pm/ 7C
Second Season: August 17 to 21 at 8pm/7C
Third Season: August 24 to 28 at 8 pm/ 7C
La Isla, the most challenging test of survival on television, has generated a lot of buzz in previous seasons and it returns to Azteca America this year.  In order to prepare for the new season of the reality series with the most hostile territory and riskiest challenges yet, we are laying the groundwork with La Isla, El Camino, a three-week special event that looks back at the most shocking, controversial, and unforgettable moments of the past three seasons of the reality competition that pushes human strength to its limit.  La Isla, El Camino starts Monday, August 10 at 8pm/ 7C on Azteca America.

La Isla is a reality show in which 18 contestants, including both celebrities and previously unknown participants, set off on a journey to find a valuable prize.  These warriors must survive arduous tests, live together in the wilderness, and battle the unrelenting forces of Mother Nature.

In 2012, the first 18 contestants embarked toward a series of idyllic but hostile beaches in the Dominican Republic.  Fear of the unknown was their driving emotion.  Highlights from this first season include the constant rivalry and strategizing that took place between Ivonne Montero and Ricardo Casares, the peril that Mariana Torres, Yanilén, and Jorge “El Travieso” Arce found themselves in for weeks on end, and the injuries suffered by Daniel Elbittar and Rafael Mercadante, whose injury was self-inflicted.

A year later, the second season took another 18 contestants on a new adventure.  Two stoic and calculating protagonists took command of the terrain from the start: Alberto Guerra and Cecilia Ponce, who finished in first place.  Fights, insults, tears, and desperation took each participant to the brink in a season featuring Geraldine Bazán, Maritere Alessandri, Matías Novoa, and Tania Rincón.

Finally, the third and most talked-about season arrived in the Nicaraguan wilderness in 2014.  Alliances, strategies, betrayal, and anger invaded the volcanic island as well as television screens everywhere.  Commanding the spotlight this surprising season were Sylvia Sáenz, Fernando Alonso, Gaby Vergara, Francisco Covarrubias, Delia García, Armando Torrea, Regina Murguía, and Chacho Gaytán, all of whom became hot topics of debate on social media thanks to the drama they generated in the reality show.

Azteca America prepares the path for a fourth season of this high-risk realty show with La Isla, El Camino starting Monday, August 10 at 8 pm/ 7 C.  And a new adventure begins on August 31 with 18 brave warriors taking on an unknown terrain to prove that the impossible is within reach if one is willing to work a little harder.



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