1:16 am - Tuesday January 23, 2018

Fireworks in Pueblo County NR‏

With the sale and use of legal fireworks permissible in Pueblo County this year Sheriff Kirk M. Taylor, Fire Chief Shawn Shelton, along with other fire chiefs in the Rural and Mountain communities are asking that citizens be responsible with their holiday celebration. Keep in mind that any firework that explodes or leaves the ground is still illegal in ALL parts of Colorado, including Pueblo County.

County Fire Chiefs urge everyone not to take our recent moisture for granted and that fire danger can still exist, please reduce the risk of injury by following these practical and safe use of fireworks tips.

Don’t let children handle, play with, or light any fireworks.

Don’t consume alcohol when using fireworks.

Don’t attempt to re-light, alter or fix any “dud” firework item.

Don’t hold a lighted firework in your hand.

Don’t light fireworks during strong wind conditions and never indoors.

Don’t aim, point, or throw fireworks at another person or at any property.

Do light fireworks on a hard, flat and level surface, not on grass or gravel.

Do light fireworks in a clear, open area, making sure the area overhead is free from obstructions.

Do light only one firework at a time using an extended butane lighter or a punk; then move away quickly.

Do have a fire extinguisher, water supply, hose or bucket of water nearby for emergencies.

Do insure that spent fireworks are fully extinguished before disposing of them in appropriate receptacles.

Additional law enforcement will be on patrol during the holiday issuing tickets to those caught lighting illegal fireworks and those fines can be as high as $1000 in the city and in the county, the use of illegal fireworks will require you to go before a judge.

City of Pueblo Fire Chief Shawn Shelton believes, “Fire and injury prevention are our goal for this Independence Day. We are asking all of our citizens and visitors to take precaution to make this holiday enjoyable and injury free. ”

“The number one priority for us is always public safety and security.  Independence Day is a celebration and fireworks are a wonderful tradition, just please everyone, use caution, follow the laws, and have a safe and happy 4th!” says Sheriff Kirk M Taylor.



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