6:58 pm - Monday January 22, 2018

The Club de Periodistas de México honors Azteca’s Barra de Opinión nightly opinion programs‏

Azteca Opinión is named most complete and influential in Mexican television.

 The Club de Periodistas de México (The Mexican Press Club) presented its Premio Especial Nacional por Innovación y Pluralidad Multimedia (Special Award for Innovation and Multimedia Pluralism) to the nighttime opinion programs Azteca Opinión.  In doing so, the organization honors the commitment of Ricardo Salinas Pliego to offer the first and most influential space for thoughtful commentary in Mexican television.

Through its 27 television shows, this programming concept brings Azteca viewers and users of its multimedia platforms in-depth analysis of politics, finance, society, culture, and science in Mexico, all at the hands of a diverse team of prestigious journalists, opinion leaders, and experts.  This award comes as a result of the vision of Ricardo Salinas Pliego, Founder and President of Grupo Salinas.

Launched by Ricardo Salinas Pliego on September 16, 2013 (Mexican Independence Day), the Azteca Opinión project has distinguished itself over the years for the quality and influence of its journalists, who have continually demonstrated a commitment to freedom of expression, a plurality of ideas, and openness.

Open debate and the analysis of a diverse array of topics are found on television and multimedia platforms through programs such as En el Ring withAndrés Roemer; Reporte 13 with Ricardo Rocha; 13 en Libertad with Sergio Sarmiento; Frente a Frente           with Lolita de la Vega; La Pura Verdad with Gabriel Bauducco; Aquí Entre Amigos      with Carlos Alazraki, Raúl Quintanilla, and José Newman; México Confidencial with Jorge Fernández Menéndez, Pablo Hiriart, and Ezra Shabot; Otras Historias with Sabina Berman;     Cámara Libre with Lilly Téllez; A Quemarropa withEstela Livera, Jairo  Calixto and Francisco Garfias; La Otra Cara de la Moneda with David Páramo, among others.

Azteca America thanks the Club de Periodistas de México for its award honoring Ricardo Salinas Pliego and the entire team at Azteca Opinión for the Premio Especial Nacional por Innovación y Pluralidad Multimedia.



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