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All ready !  TOUR BEGINS “ÁNGELES Y PECADORES TOUR”  TOGETHER LOS ÁNGELES AZULES AND MODERATTO            Two styles and two genres on one stage   

Performing in various states of the U.S 


angeles y pecadores



Today was officially announced the start of “ÁNGELES AND PECADORES TOUR”, this tour that will merge two different styles and two genres on one stage. Cumbia from ÁNGELES AZULES and Rock from the group MODERATTO put together in a tour that will give much to talk about in the coming months.


As previously informed, the official start will be with the participation of both groups in the “REVENTÓN SUPERESTRELLA 2015”, which will take place on July 18 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. “ÁNGELES Y PECADORES TOUR” will visit various places of the United States. The following are the concerts that are already confirmed:


July 19th.- Salem, OR (Only Los Angeles Azules)

July 23rd.- Amarillo, TX

July 24th.- Denver, CO

July 25th.- Salt Lake City, UT

July 26th.- Boise, ID

July 28th.- Dallas,TX

July 30th.- Houston, TX

July 31st.- San Antonio, TX

August 1st.- McAllen, TX

August 2nd.- Laredo, TX

August 5th.- Tucson, AZ

Agust 6th.- Phoenix, AZ

August 7th.- Anaheim, CA

August 9th.- San Jose, CA


Of course, this list will increased as the tour continues with two diverse groups; LOS ÁNGELES AZULES and MODERATTO have given much to talk about and is causing great excitement.


As we have been reporting “17 AÑOS” (Feat. Jay de la Cueva) is the song that has been selected as a promotional single for LOS ÁNGELES AZULES in the States.


As for MODERATTO, the group is heard on national radio in the United States with the single “LA LLAMADA DE MI EX”. “ÁNGELES Y PECADORES TOUR” will not go unnoticed, as it is a completely new concept in the U.S. that combines two different musical styles. Both groups are very original on their essence and musical creativity.  A new page in the history of music is being written: LOS ÁNGELES AZULES AND MODERATTO together in a tour that will be the “phenomenon of the season.”


Discover more of LOS ÁNGELES AZULES by clicking on the following link:http://losangelesazules.com.mx/home/



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