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Sergio Mendoza and Luz Mendoza – Los Hijos De La Montaña‏

hijos de la motaña


Tucson meets Portland. Mendoza and Mendoza meet. Music produced by Steve Berlin of Los Lobos is created. Los Hijos de la Montana the album is born.
Sergio Mendoza of Orkesta Mendoza, Calexico, and Devotchka fame has joined Luz Elena Mendoza of Y La Bambato create a combustable record. Steve Berlin certainly crafted this lightening in a bottle.
The music ranges from Mexican Spaghetti Western with “Amor de Lejos” to Cumbia with “Lengua de Leon” to Alternative with “One Breath, One Soul”. This winning combination makes a uniquely American and Latin sound. This is where thebarriers that existed in the general market are further broken down and in essence showcases the many facets of music as enjoyable art.
Los Hijos de la Montaña has already been earmarked as a favorite of NPR Music in their “First Listen”.
luz elena
Luz Elena Mendoza – a Mexican American born in San Francisco – began writing music at a very young age.
Throughout the years Luz Elena Mendoza explored the meaning of her calling and played in several bands that eventually brought her to Portland, Oregon in 2007.
Luz Elena Mendoza performs with the Portland, OR- based Y La Bamba who have recorded several albums, working alongside Steve Berlin from Los Lobos and Chris Funk from The Decemberists.
Now she’s joined up with Sergio Mendoza from Orkesta Mendoza and Calexico to create “Los Hijos De La Montaña”.
For Luz creating music is like “the water you drink when you are thirsty and the prayer that presents itself when least expected”.
sergio mendoza
Sergio Mendoza was born in Nogales, Arizona, just north of the Mexican border. Sergio made his name synonymous with the Sonoran Desert sounds wafting in from the Old Pueblo – Tucson, Arizona – Nogales’ neighbor to the north.
He’s performed and composed with the likes of CalexicoGiant SandDevotchka and the Mexican styled tribute to the Moz “Mexrrissey” (which performed in Mexico, UK, and the United States to rave reviews).
Sergio’s biggest showcase of his undeniable talent – aside from the aforementioned projects – is with Orkesta Mendoza (formerly known as Sergio Mendoza y la Orkesta). Released in 2012 “Mambo Mexicano” already has a follow up in the works.
It is this admirable restless spirit and ability to play, write and record at a whim that leads Sergio down an always interesting road of projects.
The latest is with Luz Elena Mendoza on Los Hijos de la Montana. With the help of friend Steve Berlin of Los Lobos helming production,  this trio alongside friends like Joey Burns (Calexico) and many talented Tucson musicians created an astounding collection of music that requires an open ear and mind.



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