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Coloreando: Traditional Songs for Children in Spanish


Coloreando: Traditional Songs for Children in Spanish

— Proceeds to help GLP put free world language programs back in U.S. Public Schools —

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day, Global Language Project (GLP), a U.S. non-profit dedicated to early childhood language learning, issues a special edition CD and companion songbook of Coloreando: Traditional Songs for Children in Spanish. The popular Latin Grammy Award-winning album was originally recorded by Billboard Music Award nominated vocalist Marta Gomez and was first released in October 2013.

A compilation of fun, traditional songs, the CD includes music from Mexico and around the world, often learned by Spanish speakers as children. Created for native and non-native speakers alike, the album’s infectious melodies connect language, folklore and culture to offer a perfect sing-along album and a way for families to experience a cultural adventure.

The #1 Latin children’s album will be re-released in conjunction with a 24-page songbook with full English translations. The album includes such classic songs as “Un Elefante – An Elephant,” “Con Real y Medio – With a Nickel and a Half,” “Chumba” and“Naranja Dulce” among others. A portion of the proceeds from CD sales will help support the Global Language Project, and its work to provide free foreign language programs to underserved public school students.

“Teachers, kids, mom and dads love this album,” said Angela Jackson, Founder and Executive Director of Global Language Project (GLP). “It’s a great way to help kids retain their language skills over the summer months, plus it provides lively travel music to engage the whole family. In addition, research has shown there are real cognitive benefits for kids learning a second language including increases in math, writing, and critical thinking scores by over 140%.”

Coloreando: Traditional Songs for Children in Spanish is available for sale and downloads online and at retailers for $15.99. Bulk sales to schools and school districts are also available by contacting www.globallanguageproject.org.

Album Track List:

1. Con Real y Medio – With a Nickel and a Half
2. El Barquito Chiquitito – The Little Boat
3. En Coche Va una Niña – A Girl Rides in a Carriage
4. La Pájara Pinta – The Spotted Bird
5. Los Pollitos Dicen Pío, Pío, Pío – The Chicks Say Peep, Peep, Peep
6. Materile Rile Ro – Materile Rile Ro
7. Naranja Dulce – Sweet Orange
8. Pican, Pican las Goticas – The Rain Drops Fall, Fall
9. El Puente de Aviñón – The Avignon Bridge
10. De Colores – In Colors
11. Al Pasar la Barca – As the Boat Sailed
12. Cucú Cantaba la Rana – Cucu Sang the Frog
13. Aserrín, Aserrán – Aserrin, Aserran
14. Chumba – Chumba
15. A la Nanita Nana – Let ́s Sing a Lullaby
16. Un Elefante – An Elephant Bonus Track: Imagino – I Imagine by Marta Gómez

Online and digital downloads are available on iTunes and amazon beginning
Tuesday, May 5, 2015.

Available for Interviews: Latin Grammy Award-Winning Singer Marta Gomez; Dr. Victoria Gilbert, Global Language Project’s Director of Curriculum & GLP Founder Angela Jackson.

For information about GLP, to arrange an interview or to request a review copy of Coloreando: Traditional Songs for Children in Spanish please contact Shawn Dhanak at 517-449-0402 or shawn@marcglobalcommunications.com.



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