2:24 pm - Tuesday November 21, 2017

Representative Navarro Hosts First Annual “Southern Colorado Day at the Capitol”‏

Representative Navarro Hosts First Annual “Southern Colorado Day at the Capitol”


On April 27th Representative Navarro and other elected officials from surrounding districts will host the first annual “Southern Colorado Day” at the Colorado State Capitol. The objective of the event is to address and highlight important issues that impact the people of Southern Colorado (SOCO), and to celebrate the great attributes and rich culture that SOCO has to offer.

 Special events of “Southern Colorado Day” begin with tributes in the House of Representatives and Senate, acknowledging all the counties, universities, and state parks located in the Southern Colorado region. The tributes say, “Colorado’s Western Spirit and history lives on in Southern Colorado”. The day will move on with more events that honor the grandeur, beauty and history of Southern Colorado. Presentations will be offered from 12pm to 4pm in the Old Supreme Court Chambers addressing important topics impacting SOCO. The presentations will focus on water issues, the budget process and funding, and education.

Representative Navarro said, “It is important to recognize and honor all of the great things Southern Colorado has to offer, and I want to give people the opportunity to hear about important issues concerning the Region. I am more than excited to see a whole day dedicated to the issues, beauty, history and rich culture of Southern Colorado.  It’s home to me, and I love my home and the people I am honored to represent.”



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