5:59 am - Wednesday December 13, 2017

La Sèptima Banda Releases New Album “Segurito Segurito”‏

la septima banda


LA SEPTIMA BANDA releases their new album titled ‘Segurito Segurito”, which is also the band slogan. The album, which includes 12 songs, was produced by the renowned Luciano Luna, who was recently awarded composer of the year.


LA SEPTIMA BANDA’s signature sound emanates from the voices of Efraín Inzunza, Luis Alberto López and Antonio Soto, who in this new production get to present songs of important composers in the Regional Mexican genre such as: Luciano Luna, Joss Favela, Angel Romero only to mention a few.


The band has successfully toured in Mexico and the United States, highlighting  6 performances in 3 days in Chicago, proving they are clearly a world-class band.


LA SEPTIMA BANDA was founded in 1994 in Guamuchil, Sinaloa and consist of 19 talented musicians; their signature style has led them to rapidly top the radio charts in both Mexico and the United States.



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