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“DeMente Criminal” Premieres Tonight on Univision Puerto Rico

de mente criminal

Cisneros Media, the corporate division encompassing the Cisneros’ media and entertainment businesses around the world, today announced the premiere of “DeMente Criminal” on Univision Puerto Rico.  The series, which premieres tonight, April 1st, at 10:00 PM, stars Sebastian Ligarde, Gabriel Valenzuela, Maria Fernanda Yepes, Marcela Mar, and the late actress Lorena Rojas in her final role.

“We are looking forward to the premiere of ‘DeMente Criminal’ in Puerto Rico as it is sure to be a hit among the Puerto Rican television audience,” assured Jonathan Blum, President of Cisneros Media.  “This series is very relevant as it’s one of the most shocking cases of recent times; it’s full of intrigue, suspense, trauma, and of course, love and passion.  It is truly captivating.”

Based on the bestselling book “Sangre en el Divan” [Blood on the Couch] written by journalist Ybeyise Pacheco, “DeMente Criminal” was adapted for television by Rosa Clemente, Raul Prieto under the conceptual supervision of Marlon Quintero.  The series was produced at Cisneros Media’s state-of-the-art studios in Miami with Abraham Pulido as its General Director,Carlos Lamus its General Producer, and Mercedes Guzman as its Artistic Director.  This crime story featured an international cast that also includes Thamara Aguilar, Carlos Yustis, Natasha Dominguez, Carlos Mata, Roberto San Martin, Isabella Santo Domingo, Fernando Carrera, Mauricio Renteria, Carolina Ayala, Lance Dos Ramos, and Deive Garces, among others.

“DeMente Criminal” tells the chilling story of how a distinguished psychiatrist was exposed by the law as an abusive monster and cold-blooded murderer.  Highly respected by his peers, Dr. Raimundo Acosta (Sebastian Ligarde) built a thriving practice and earned a solid reputation in the community as an accomplished medical professional and educator, managing to hide all the despicable acts he regularly committed at his clinic.

When Alicia Celaya (Thamara Aguilar), one of his young patients, is brutally murdered, her mother, Veronica (Lorena Rojas), vows to prove that the prestigious psychiatrist is responsible for her death.  Enlisting the help of a shrewd police investigator, who has been harboring suspicions about Dr. Acosta for quite some time, Veronica starts on the most difficult journey of her life: the search for evidence that proves the doctor guilt in her daughter’s death.

Confronting this brilliant manipulator and exposing him as the evil fraud that he is will prove a truly dangerous mission.  After enduring countless attacks and setbacks, Veronica, together with detectives Gabriela Fons (Maria Fernanda Yepes) and Julio Villalobos (Gabriel Valenzuela), and journalist Laura Montesinos (Marcela Mar), finally proves their case.  Their investigations reveal that Dr. Acosta had spent his entire career committing heinous crimes that ranged from sexual abuse and rape to hiring hit-men to kill witnesses.  All kept absolute secrecy… until he made the fatal mistake of murdering Alicia with his own hands.



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