5:58 am - Wednesday December 13, 2017

Colorado Attorney General Warns Consumers: Be Wary Of Air- Duct Cleaning Offers

For the fourth time in two years, the Colorado Attorney General’s Office has successfully sued an air-duct cleaning company for false advertising. A consent judgement was obtained against 212 Home Inc., (d/b/a Denver Air Duct), and company owner, Eliran Raviv. While consumers were enticed with bargain $39 cleaning offers, they were ultimately charged much higher amounts. The company misrepresented the qualifications of its staff and misled homeowners into believing that their systems contained mold. Under the consent judgment, Raviv and 212 Home Inc., are permanently barred from the air duct cleaning business in Colorado and must pay $15,000 in penalties.

“It costs about $300 to properly clean a home air duct system so Coloradans need to review deals that seem too good to be true with a skeptical eye,” cautioned Colorado Attorney General Cynthia H. Coffman. “Unprofessional air duct cleanings can damage consumers’ HVAC systems and stir up dust and debris which may lead to health issues.”

Consumers are urged to check with the Better Business Bureau to find reputable companies and file complaints if they feel they’ve been victimized by calling 800-222-4444 or clicking: www.stopfraudcolorado.gov.




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