2:08 am - Wednesday January 24, 2018

AztecaAmerica announces the premier of “Baila si Puedes”‏

Premieres Monday, April 27 at 7:00 pm/ 6:00 pm C
on Azteca America’s “La Hora Ganadora”
Gaby Spanic, Poncho de Anda, Camila Rojas, Daniel Elbittar, Colate, Omar Fierro, Melissa Barrera, and Ceci Piñeiro, among other celebrities, will compete in different dancing challenges in order to win a big prize.

 Azteca America announces the premiere of Baila si Puedes (“Dance if You Can”), a new show hosted by Tania Rincón that brings together 16 celebrities and 16 professional dancers to face different dance challenges.  Evaluating their performances will be a panel of judges composed of Ema Pulido,Kalimba, and Aylín Mujica.  Baila si Puedes premieres Monday, April 27 at 7:00 pm/ 6:00 pm C on Azteca America.

La Hora Ganadora (“The Winning Hour”), a new programming space dedicated to the best competition shows on Azteca, presents Baila si Puedes, a competition that tests celebrities’ talent on their feet as they strive to become kings and queens of the dance floor.

Sixteen celebrities will be paired with top-level professional dancers as they face challenges featuring elaborate choreographies including ballroom dancing, aqua dancing, fire dancing, pole dancing, aerial dancing, and many more styles, all as they attempt to win a big prize.

Among the women who will be competing on the show are Venezuelan actresses Gaby Spanic and María José Magán, Colombian actress Camila Rojas, Mexican actressesCeci Piñeiro and Andrea Martí, Mexican singer and actress Melissa Barrera, Mexican professional wrestler “Estrellita, Argentine usher Julia Orayen, Cuban singerYanilén, and Mishelle “La Pioja” Herrera, daughter of the Mexican national soccer team manager Miguel “El Piojo” Herrera.

The male contestants will be Mexican hosts Poncho de Anda and Arturo Macías, Mexican actors Omar Fierro and Armando Torrea, Spanish entrepreneur Colate, Venezuelan singer and actor Daniel Elbittar, Mexican singer and actor Vince Miranda, Cuban actor Juan Vidal, Mexican professional wrestler “Olímpico, and Mexican model Álvaro Álvarez.

The panel of judges will consist of choreographer Ema Pulido, known as “The Iron Judge”; singer,  Kalimba, and actress Aylín Mujica.

Monday through Thursday shows will be the “Encuentros” (“Encounters”) phase with four couples competing each day.  The couple with the lowest score moves on to the “Desafío de Eliminación” (the “Elimination Challenge”) that takes place Sundays and will be the final show of the week.  One contestant will be eliminated and another (a celebrity or an ordinary person) will replace the competitor leaving the show.

Friday shows will feature the best of the week, including rehearsals, interviews, and bloopers.  The show will offer complete coverage of the goings-on inside the competition.

Azteca America invites you to enjoy Baila si Puedes, part of La Hora Ganadora premiering Monday, April 27 at 7:00 pm/ 6:00 pm C.



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