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Azteca America announces the premiere of La Prepago

We all have one identity during the day, but when
night falls, who are you really?
La Prepago,premieres Monday, April 20 at
10:00 pm/ 9 C on Azteca America

Ana Lucía is an intelligent, hard-working and sometimes rebellious student.  She seems to be the ideal daughter, but she leads a double life.  Her clients know her simply as “Andrea,” a sensual and irresistible woman who can make each and every one of their fantasies come true.

 Azteca America announces the premiere of La Prepago, a telenovela starring Lilo de la Vega and Andrés Sandoval that tells the story of Ana Lucía, a young woman leading a double life.  By day, she is a model student, but by night, she is an irresistible woman who, trying to make some money quickly, enters a world that is difficult to escape.  La Prepago premieres Monday, April 20 at 10:00 pm/ 9:00 pm C on Azteca America.

La Prepago tells the story of Ana Lucía (Lilo de la Vega), a beautiful young woman from a traditional family.  She is a student at a prestigious university in Bogotá, Colombia, and has been in a perfect relationship with her boyfriend David (Andrés Sandoval) for some time.

But Ana Lucía’s life begins to fall apart when her father is fired from his job, costing his family its economic support.  They find themselves having to make do with less and less, living a kind of life that had previously been unimaginable.  The house where Ana Lucía’s parents and siblings live is in danger of being foreclosed.  Making matters worse, her boyfriend’s parents look down on her as their son seems to fall deeper and deeper in love with this young woman with no money or social status.

Facing the imminent risk of losing her family home, Ana Lucía goes to her friend Carolina (Natalia Durán), a classmate at the university.  When she sees her friend’s dire situation and desperate need for money, Carolina confesses that she makes a very good living as a high-end call girl.

Ana Lucía, in the midst of her desperation, accepts the job that her friend proposes and sets foot into the world of prostitution.  Carolina introduces her to Don Rey (Luis Eduardo Arango), the man who handles her and a select retinue of beautiful women hired by only the richest men in the highest echelons of society.

Disregarding the consequences of her actions and convinced that she will quickly make the money she needs to solve her short-term problems, Ana Lucía enters a world that is difficult to escape.  She will find her principles strongly questioned, she will jeopardize her relationship with David and her family, and she will find herself leading a double life.

Inspired by the book Las Memorias de Andrea and produced by Juan Pablo Posada, La Prepago stars Lilo de la Vega, Andrés Sandoval, Julián Román, Natalia Durán, Juliana Robledo, Luis Eduardo Arango, and Katherine Porto.

Don’t miss the premiere of La Prepago Monday, April 20 at 10:00 pm/ 9:00 pm C on Azteca America.



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