3:13 pm - Thursday December 16, 0792

Pueblo Zoo is going to the dogs!  African painted dogs that is!

The Pueblo Zoo is delighted to announce that it has been approved as the new home for three male sibling African painted dogs coming from the Topeka Zoo. This exciting news brings the zoo one step closer to its plans to open a new exhibit in Summer 2015.

This band of brothers was born November 26, 2010 at Brookfield Zoo (Chicago, IL) and currently reside at the Topeka Zoo.  Through a school naming contest, Topeka students selected the dogs’ names which are descriptive of the species – Kipaku means patch, speck, spot of color in Swahili; Minzi means defender/protector; and Hunter.

About a year ago, the Pueblo Zoo announced to supporters the revival of the capital campaign begun in 2010 to bring a new exhibit to the Pueblo community. Since then the zoo has been busily putting all the pieces in place to construct a new facility to welcome African painted dogs and DeBrazza’s monkeys.  Construction for the African dog portion of the exhibit began in November 2014 and is progressing on schedule to open in June 2015. This part of the exhibit will also act as the summer home for meerkats and African crested porcupines that are currently housed at the Islands of Life building.   Pending the success of fundraising events, the Pueblo Zoo is targeting summer of 2016 to complete the second half of the exhibit and welcome DeBrazza’s monkeys.



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