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JUANES Steals the Show During Disney’s Premiere Of the Movie “McFarland USA” Performing LIVE His New Single “Juntos”‏



“After just three weeks of its release, JUNTOS is currently #1 on Colombia and Ecuador radio charts, Top 5 in Central America, and Top 10 in the U.S and 15 LATAM countries”.


– Monday, February 16th –



 After Performing His Latest Single “Juntos (Together)” As The First Spanish-Language Performance On The Grammy Awards In Ten Years, The Colombian Superstar Will Continue To Bring Latin Music To Wider Mainstream Audiences By Performing The New Signature Song From Disney’s McFarland USA On The Country’s Leading Morning Show Broadcast.


During the premiere of “McFarland USA”, the Colombian superstar surprised his fans performing the song “Juntos” (Together) LIVE at the end of the movie on the stage of the historic El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood.


After just three weeks of its release, JUNTOS is currently #1 on Colombia and Ecuador radio charts, Top 5 in Central America, and Top 10 in the U.S and 15 LATAM countries.


Watch Juanes’ Historic Grammy Performance, A Sample Of Media/Social Media Reaction




“Leave it up to Juanes to pull off a record-breaking performance at the Grammys. The Colombian musician took to the stage to sing ‘Juntos,’ and it marked the first occasion in a decade that a Spanish-language song was performed. Juanes was introduced by good friend Gina Rodriguez…’The song he’s about to share with us…speaks to the truth that when people of various backgrounds work together, they can accomplish so much more’ Then in typical Juanes fashion, he and his bandmembers held themselves a little onstage dance party. ..you didn’t need to be fluent to tell what a great time he was having” – E! News


“a look at who may gain some new fans based on their showing on Sunday night: #2 JUANES:

the Colombian musician [is]the owner of 20 Latin Grammys and two Grammys for Latin pop album. Last night, he received a spotlight and unleashed a Spanish-language rendition of ‘Juntos’ The dude simply looked like he was having a blast, which made him stand out….and good on Juanes for bringing a legit live band to the Grammys for his performance of “Juntos” — and letting them share his spotlight instead of relegating them to the background like most other Grammy performers.” – The Hollywood Reporter


“Juanes took the stage to sing his song “Juntos (Together)”, which is part of the soundtrack from Disney’s “McFarland, USA” and his performance​ was as we expected:  perfect” –Variety Latino


“Juanes woke up with another star in his career, last night he highly represented the Latino community at the GRAMMY ceremony, when he performed “Juntos (Together)” in Spanish, which is not very common in this event.”  – Excelsior / Ritmoson Latino 






Juanes With Kevin Costner And Fans Outside The Hollywood Premiere of “McFarland USA”

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“Juanes Performs Incredible Hit ‘Juntos’ At 2015 Grammy Awards: Juanes’ Grammy performance of ‘Juntos’ was amazing! He also achieved a music milestone: it has been a decade since a Spanish song has been performed at the Grammys! …‘Juntos’ means ‘Together’ in English. and, Juanes definitely brought his fans from all over the globe together during the Grammys. We totally dig his style …Juanes looked so sexy in his all denim outfit while jamming out on his guitar. With the Colombian heart-throb’s universal appeal, it was about time that the Grammys tapped a Latin artist to sing an entire song in Spanish stateside and we enjoyed every second of it…Juanes you touched our hearts and we can’t wait to see more from you this year!”Hollywood Life


“Juanes Gave The Grammy Performance To Remember…Though phrases like ‘most talked-about’ and ‘memorable’ were thrown around a lot during the 57th Annual Grammy Awards, one artist people should be talking about is Colombian musician Juanes. His unpretentious performance of the driving Latin rock song ‘Juntos’ stood out among the flood of overblown staging… Plus, y’know, he’s easy on the eyes, too…The New York Times even compared him to Sting and Bono, as a consummate entertainer. He’s spent his entire life honing his style to cut through the musical din and, last night, it showed.” – Dishnation


Juanes Brings Everyone To Their Feet With His Grammys Performance Of Juntos! We all need more Juanes! At the 2015 Grammys, he performed Juntos, and it was nothing less than a hit with the audience.

His song had everyone dancing, and we have to admit we were right there with them!” – Perez Hilton


Who Is Juanes?” Here’s Your Answer:…Juanes may be one of the most notable musicians in Grammy history. He has a grand total of 22 Grammys: two Grammy Awards, and 20 Latin Grammy Awards” Buzzfeed


“Wearing jeans and holding a Fender guitar, Juanes looked 100 percent more comfortable than anyone else on stage all night, making him a joy to watch” – VOX





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