3:13 pm - Friday December 16, 7966

Gaby Natale’s SuperLatina TV Show To Premiere in Canada

Less than a year after announcing its national syndication through Vme TV, Gaby Natale’s SuperLatina show is now broadening its horizons to cover the entire North American continent.

Nuevo Mundo TV, the first 100% Spanish-language channel in Canada, has signed an agreement to add Lo Mejor de SuperLatina to its 2015 programming.

“It’s all happening at such a blazing speed that it’s hard to believe”, said Gaby Natale about the show’s rapid expansion. “For someone watching all this growth from the outside, it might seem sudden. But the truth of the matter is that we have been on the air since 2007, producing over 200 shows until this opportunity arrived.”

SuperLatina’s 2015 season will feature in-depth interviews with newsmakers such as Cristina Saralegui, Deepak Chopra, Carlos Santana, William Levy and Miguel Bosé, among other A-List celebrities.

“We are very excited to see soon this type of quality programming into the discerning Latino and Canadian audience in Canada”, said Nimar Cedeño, Nuevo Mundo TV’s Partner. “In Nuevo Mundo TV, our new vision is to provide inspiring programming across our grid. SuperLatina is a perfect match for this vision”, said Peter Jaimes, Nuevo Mundo TV’s President and CEO.

On top of being the show’s host and executive producer, Gaby Natale is also one of the few women in the TV business who owns not only the rights to her TV show but also the TV studio where the show is taped. She is also the co-founder and President of AGANARmedia, a content development and grassroots marketing company that creates branded grassroots campaigns for Fortune 500 companies such as T-Mobile, Ford Motor Co., Procter & Gamble and eBay, among others.



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