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File electronically to avoid errors on your statetax return‏

File electronically to avoid errors on your state tax return

 Each year, thousands of Colorado state tax returns contain errors or omissions that delay tax refunds. Taxpayers can easily avoid delays by filing their Colorado income tax electronically. Various Internet and tax preparation services provide features that check for math errors or overlooked items.

Estimated Tax Payments and Prepayments

Whether you pay through Revenue Online www.Colorado.gov/RevenueOnline, or by check with the 104EP voucher, make sure the payments made during the year are credited to your Colorado income tax account. When you file an income tax return, be sure you are not under-claiming or over-claiming your estimated tax payments. If your records do not match the department’s records, this will cause delays in processing your income tax filing and in receiving any refund you may be expecting. Payments can be reviewed through Revenue Online.

How can I avoid errors when I file my Colorado return?

Carefully enter the information into Revenue Online and submit your return. Avoid rushing through it. Use the paper Colorado 104 form, instructions and appropriate schedules as guides and reference. At the end of each step, click the OK button. The Cancel button will remove any entries from the step you are in and return you to the main screen.

Filing through Revenue Online is free. Visit Revenue Online, www.Colorado.gov/RevenueOnline, and click on the “File a Return” button located under “Quick Links.” Make sure the correct year and type of return is selected before filing the return. If you owe, pay tax by credit card or e-check. The system will calculate the total tax owed, plus interest and penalty. You may choose the amount you wish to pay and you will be billed for the remaining amount due. Or, use the tax professional or tax software of your choice.

If you cannot file or pay electronically, complete the 104 return and appropriate schedules. Include your payment by check if you owe. The 104 booklet is available at www.TaxColorado.com under “Instructions and Forms,” “Individual income Tax” under “Forms by Tax Type.” Due to the continued growth of electronic filing and to save state funds, taxpayers do not automatically receive income tax booklets by mail.



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