8:15 am - Monday December 11, 2017

Explosives Found During Eviction Procedure

 At 0830 this morning, during a routine civil process serving, Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office Deputies discovered what was later confirmed as improvised explosive devices inside a home at the 400 block of Peppertree Way.  The resident of the home sat outside while movers began the process of emptying the property after the bank filed for restitution of the home.  While overseeing the process, movers saw what they believed to be a “Molotov Cocktail”, a container filled with flammable liquid with a rag attached to the top, and several other suspicious devices.  Sheriff’s deputies confirmed what movers suspected and went door to door evacuating the surrounding homes.  Nine residences in total were evacuated for approximately two hours this morning while the Pueblo Metro Bomb Unit conducting their search.

After deputies arrived, the resident left saying he was going to breakfast with his children. He was located at a family home a short time later.  While speaking to detectives the man indicated there were additional explosive devices that hadn’t been discovered in the initial or secondary searches.  Ultimately, thirteen different devices were removed from the home and are still being examined by bomb specialists.  The devices all appear homemade and of those tested so far, all were found to contain explosive material capable of significant property damage and personal injury.

Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) agency is on hand and will be assisting in the investigation.

Sheriff Kirk M. Taylor said while initial charges will be local, additional federal charges will likely follow, “These are very dangerous devices and not easy to spot” said Taylor. “Ensuring that our deputies know what to watch for, having our own certified bomb technicians and the Metro Bomb Squad here in Pueblo, all make these investigations quicker and much safer.”

39-year-old Larry Maloney has been taken into custody. He faces felony child abuse, reckless endangerment, and several counts of possession/use of an explosive device.



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