3:20 am - Tuesday December 12, 2017

The GOP’s (not so) banner night on immigration reform‏

Last night, we got to see the Republicans’ State of the Union Hispanic outreach. It was… telling. Each time they were given the opportunity to discuss immigration, Republicans either insulted immigrants, or flat out ignored them.

Here are just four examples:

1-      Steve King actually called a young DREAMer with the First Lady a “deportable.”

Link: https://twitter.com/SteveKingIA/status/557673638066135045

2-      In a highly anticipated GOP reaction from Sen. Joni Ernst, we were expecting or we were hoping to hear her discuss the GOP’s plan to address one of the top issues facing our country – fixing our broken immigration system. Instead, she left the entire topic of immigration reform out of her response. While this is clearly reflective of where the GOP prioritizes immigration reform, maybe her history on the issue played a part.

3-      On Morning Joe today, Reince Priebus was asked why his party included immigration in their Spanish language reaction, but not the English one. His answer? Blame the President.  Apparently it is President Obama’s fault that the Republican SOTU response completely ignored immigration reform.  Ok.


4-      The Tea Party response took the opportunity to join Steve King in attacking immigrants. Rep. Clawson was actually looking to blame undocumented immigrants for the plight of the unemployed.

So while the GOP may not have had a banner night in terms reaching out to immigrants or putting forward new ideas about immigration reform, they definitely succeeded in proving once again where they really stand…and yet again, it’s on the wrong side of the issue and of history.



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