5:45 pm - Thursday December 14, 2017

Representative Navarro’s Tax Deduction for Educators Bill, Moves Forward With Overwhelming Support‏

Overwhelming Support for Tax Deduction for Educators Bill

Today is a day that the Colorado State Legislature can say that they
stand with the educators of Colorado and acknowledge their dedication
to our students. On a 9-2 vote, with Democrats Representative Mike
Foote and Representative KC Becker as the no votes, HB 1104 passed the
Finance Committee and moves to the Appropriations Committee.

“This may only be a minimal showing of gratitude towards our
educators, but any help we can give them is necessary,” stated
Representative Navarro. “This bill was meant to be a bipartisan
showing of how both parties can come together for Colorado educators
and that the dedication to their students has not, and will not go

During the committee hearing there was much public testimony in
support of the bill and none against it. The no votes that came from
the committee members were from two Democrat lawmakers, Representative
Mike Foote and KC Becker. Both questioned the need for the bill
stating that they did not believe it really helped educators and
questioned why it was necessary.

However, HB 1104 proved to be valuable to the other nine members that voted yes.

HB 1104, Educator’s Tax Deduction Bill, was passed in a bipartisan
fashion, and the fact that it is moving forward shows a commitment on
the part of the Colorado State Legislature to teachers and kids.



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