2:19 am - Wednesday January 24, 2018

Colorado Small Business Owner Joined First Lady in State of the nion Address

A small business owner of seven restaurants across Colorado (with several other franchise locations) will be seated in the box Tuesday with the First Lady as a guest at the 2015 State of the Union Address.

Carolyn Annette Reed wrote to President Obama about how she was able to expand her small business and open an additional Silver Mine Subs shop in Denver thanks to a U.S. Small Business Administration loan. In her note, she also mentioned that she looked forward to benefiting from the Affordable Care Act, and currently she and her husband, David, are enrolled in the Colorado state exchange.  The first Silver Mine Subs shop was opened in  Fort Collins, CO,  and the business currently has 22 locations
in five states.

Earlier this year in Denver, the President had dinner with Carolyn and other Coloradoans who wrote to him. The day after their meeting, Carolyn and her husband – inspired by the President’s call and the story of another letter writer – announced that they would give their hourly employees a raise to $10.10. Carolyn and David now own seven Silver Mine Subs shops, and they are looking to continue their expansion. They have six children, four of whom work for their growing business.

“It was a relief to be able to secure the SBA loan to open our other stores,” Reed wrote. “We are a perfect example of people who have benefitted from your efforts.”

More details about Reed and other guests along with news about the State of the Union is available at WhiteHouse.gov/SOTU<http://go.wh.gov/SOTUBox>.



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