4:50 am - Wednesday January 24, 2018

Launch of Hoteltoday.com‏

Roosendaal, the Netherlands, December 9, 2014 – Today sees the worldwide launch of Hoteltoday.com, the ultimate hotel booking site where you will find the best hotel deals every day. If you’re looking for hotel accommodation for today, tomorrow or the day after, then Hoteltoday.com offers the most competitive deal for hotel bookings in the short term. You have a choice from the widest range of hotels worldwide – more than 175,000.

The motivation behind the development of Hoteltoday.com is the creation of a hotel booking site making it possible to book hotels easily, at the very best price at that time. The huge variety of hotel booking sites means you have to search for the lowest price, to be sure of booking the best deal. So finding that best deal can be a time-consuming task. This is the advantage of Hoteltoday.com: it’s where hotels offer their very best deal at that time.

Hoteltoday.com has recently entered into a unique collaboration with the American company HashtagSear.ch (part of Totally.Dot) as the first travel platform using a social conversation for each hotel page. By showing Social Media data, based on hashtags, the visitor gets a visual overview of people currently staying at the hotel, so they know exactly what to expect upon arrival.

Short term bookings

Research has shown that hotel bookings are increasingly being arranged at the last minute. In particular, those looking for a hotel booking within three days want to find the best deal as quickly as possible.

That’s why Hoteltoday.com has invested in developing the ‘Deals today’ tool. The technology behind this tool crawls through the huge range of hotels to find you the very best deal of the moment in the most popular cities in the world, saving you an enormous amount of time.

Best deals today, every day

You will find the best deals on Hoteltoday.com on the homepage, in the ‘Deals Today’ box. The offers in the Deals Today box may be discounted as much as 60 per cent – and sometimes even higher – on a night’s accommodation. Every day there you will find the best hotels for the most popular destinations worldwide, for the next three days.

Responsive hotel booking site

“The number of bookings being made from mobile devices is growing at an astonishing rate,”notes co-founder Mark de Hooge. “That’s why we have opted for a responsive website. It makes no difference whether you want to book a hotel from a smartphone, tablet or desktop. Hoteltoday.com offers the user maximum ease of use.”



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