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Azteca America brings you all the excitement of the finals of the Ascenso MX 2014 Torneo Apertura.‏

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Ascenso MX 2014 Torneo Apertura

Second Match
Saturday december 6 at
8:00 PM E/ 7:00 PM C / 5:00 PM P



Azteca America, La Casa del Fútbol Mexicano, brings you all the excitement of the second finals match of the Ascenso MX 2014 Torneo Apertura championship.  Coras de Tepic and Club Necaxa will face off in the second of two matches to determine the winner of the 2014 Torneo Apertura at the Arena Cora stadium in Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico, this Saturday, December 6 at 8:00 pm E/ 7:00 pm C/ 5:00 pm P.

The championship hangs in the balance.  Necaxa hosted Coras de Tepic at their home stadium in Aguascalientes this past Saturday in the first match of the finals for the 2014 Torneo Apertura championship.  With the match ending in a 0-0 draw, both teams still have an equal shot of emerging victorious this season.

Managed by Miguel Fuentes, the Rayos de Necaxa made several plays that brought it close to scoring, particularly by Carlos Hurtado andVíctor Lojero.  By contrast, the Tepic team, managed by Joel Sánchez Ramos, did not get close to scoring very often.  For 25 minutes of the match, the Coras were playing with only 10 players after Abraham Coronado was sent off.

About the teams

Deportivo Tepic F.C., also known as “Coras de Tepic,” is a soccer team playing in the Ascenso MX league.  Since its founding in 1953, the team has won the Copa México three times and played in the finals of the Segunda División de México three times.  The team has played in the Liga de Ascenso MX league since 2011.

Impulsora del Deportivo Necaxa was founded in 1923 in Mexico City.  In 2003, the team moved to Aguascalientes.  Necaxa has won 18 championships in its history, both at national and international levels and two as part of the promotion circuit.



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