11:18 pm - Monday January 22, 2018

Azteca America announces the premiere of the acclaimed telenovela Cuento Encantado

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A place that is imaginary, a love that is real.  Premieres Monday, January 5 at 3:00 pm / 2:00 pm C on Azteca America

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Azteca America announces the premiere of  the telenovela Cuento Encantado. Starring Cauã Reymond and Bianca Bin, this first-rate Brazilian production fuses elements of Latin American melodrama with European fairy tales to tell a story about a marriage pact and a betrayal set at a time of powerful monarchies, impressive castles, and unending battles.  Cuento Encantado begins Monday, January 5 at 3:00 pm / 2:00 pm C on Azteca America.

In an imaginary land, two neighboring kingdoms – Serafia del Norte and Serafia del Sur – clash in a war that has lasted more than one hundred years.  After a battle leaves Teobaldo, king of Serafia del Sur, badly injured, he and Augusto, king of Serafia del Norte, agree to cease fighting and bring peace to their lands.  They decide to unite their kingdoms by having their first-born children, Aurora and Felipe, marry each other once they reach adulthood.

The peace the monarchs worked to achieved is endangered when Augusto travels to a remote part of Brazil where a gang of bandits ambush him and his family, kidnapping his wife Cristina and their newborn daughter Aurora.  The king is convinced they have been killed.  Little does he know that all of this is part of a scheme orchestrated by Duchess Úrsula, who plans to take control of the kingdom herself.

Distraught, King Augusto returns to his kingdom, unaware that his young child has survived the kidnapping and is being raised in Brogodó by a peasant couple who have renamed her Azucena.

Azucena grows up alongside Jesuíno, who does not know that his father is Herculano, the so-called bandit king and the most-feared outlaw in Brazil.  Azucena and Jesuíno’s friendship develops into love, but their love will have to face difficult obstacles including the return of King Augusto, who comes back to Brogodó to fulfill the promise he made and marry his daughter to Felipe; the villanous Timoteo’s greed, who himself has become obsessed with Azucena; and Úrsula’s limitless thirst for power.

Produced by Flávio Nascimento and directed by Ricardo Waddington and Amora Mautner, Cuento Encantado is a magical story based on European fairy tales and written by renowned writers Thelma Guedes and Duca Rachid.

Cauã Reymond (Avenida Brasil) and Bianca Bin (Guerra dos Sexos) star alongside Débora Bloch (Avenida Brasil) and Bruno Gagliasso (Caminho das Índias), who play the story’s villains, in Cuento Encantado, a tale that melds together traditional latin american telenovela melodrama with medieval european tales to create a moving and daring original story.

Cuento Encantado, a place that is imaginary, a love that is real.  Premieres Monday, January 5 at 3:00 pm / 2:00 pm C on Azteca America



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