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Angélica Vargas and Sarah Silva are ready to the finale of La Academia Kids‏

Don’t miss the exciting Grand Finale of La Academia Kids this Sunday at 7:00 pm / 6:00 pm C on Azteca America

  • Sarah, Angélica, Alexis, Nicole, Sofía, and Karla will compete in the Grand Finale.
  • The student contestants joined big music stars to duet in the semi-final which took place last night.
  • Giovas becomes the last contestant to be eliminated from the competition.

 Last night, Sarah, Angélica, Alexis, Nicole, Sofía, and Karla all qualified to move on to the long-awaited grand finale of the second season of La Academia Kids, to be held next Sunday, December 14.  It will be a decisive concert which can be seen on Azteca America at 7:00 pm / 6:00 pm C.

Last night was the much-anticipated semi-final of La Academia Kids 2014.  It was a night filled with “duels to the death,” in which the student contestants faced off to earn a spot in the grand finale, which will determine which boy or girl will become the future music sensation.

Sarah, from Banning, California, opened the unforgettable concert.  The first, and at that point only, contestant to earn a spot in the finals, Sarah sang “Entre Tú y Mil Mares,” demonstrating why she was the first student selected to fight for first place in this launching pad for talent.

A round of exhibition duels took place as a prelude to the “duels to the death” that the remaining contestants would have to compete in to earn a spot in the finals.  The semifinalists showed their talent by singing alongside music stars.  Agustín Argüello sang “Contigo Sí” alongside Angélica; Nicole was joined by Cecilia de la Cueva for a performance of “When You Believe”; Alexis and José Manuel Figueroa dueted on “Secretos de Amor”; Sofía sang “Allí Estaré” alongside Daniel Elbittar; and Karla was joined by Melissa Barrera for a rendition of “Domino” in which she displayed her great singing ability.

The first “duel to the death” of the evening featured Giovas facing off against Sofía.  Giovas, representing Xochimilco in Mexico City, sang “Te Presumo” while Puebla native Sofía performed “Me Muero.”  Her polished rendition earned her the second spot in next week’s finale.

The second duel was between Angélica, who performed “Cuando no Es Conmigo,” and Karla, who sang “Como Yo Nadie te Ha Amado.”  Karla emerged victorious and became the third finalist.

The third and final duel of the evening was between Nicole, who sang “Love on Top,” and Alexis, who performed “Vivir mi Vida.”  Alexis, the only contestant never to have had to face elimination in La Academia Kids 2014, earned a spot as the fourth finalist.

Finally, Nicole, Angélica, and Giovas competed in a last acoustic round to determine which two participants would qualify as finalists and which contestant would have to leave the competition.  After a difficult deliberation, the judges decided that the finalists would be Nicole and Angélica.  The likeable Giovas had to bid farewell to his dream of winning first place on La Academia Kids.

Don’t miss the exciting Grand Finale of La Academia Kids this Sunday at 7:00 pm / 6:00 pm C on Azteca America



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