12:53 pm - Tuesday December 12, 2017

Latin World Entertainment Influencers Will Be Digital Reporters In The Semifinal And Final Of “La Voz Kids Colombia”‏

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Sebastián Villalobos, Juan Pablo Jaramillo and Mario Ruiz, Colombian influencers represented by Latin World Entertainment, tonight and tomorrow Tuesday November 25th, will be in charge of hosting digitally the highly anticipated semifinal and final of the most popular reality show, “La Voz Kids Colombia,” thanks to their strong leadership in the online world and their combined FYITV score (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Vine) of approximately 9 million fans.

“La Voz Kids Colombia,” in a year of only success, will end tonight with the semifinal at 8pm and tomorrow at the same time with the anticipated finale after having been the most watched Colombian reality show this year, broadcast by Caracol TV.

In the last two emotional episodes of the reality show, Latin World Entertainment influencers will have the opportunity of being digital hosts, keeping the audience up to speed with everything that happens during the show and inviting viewers to choose the big winners.

Sebastián Villalobos, with an FYITV score of 3.5 million, will be one of the digital reporters in these two nights full of talent and Latin charisma. Also,Juan Pablo Jaramillo, another of the world’s online leaders with an FYITV score of 3 million, will host the online event and be a part of these historical episodes. Last but not least, Mario Ruiz, Colombian influencer with an FYITV score of 2.3 million, will join them hosting the final episodes of “La Voz Kids Colombia,” thanks to his creativity and ingenuity to impact various platforms of the digital world.

The new digital talent is expanding their professional careers and joining the most popular projects of the present.

Tonight and tomorrow you can follow their presentations here.

Also you can watch their special videos:
Juan Pablo Jaramillo
Sebastián Villaobos
Mario Ruiz



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