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Kids.gov Celebrates National Child’s Day‏

Kids.gov Celebrates National Child’s Day

In today’s digital age you can do almost everything from a computer or cell phone, whether it’s keeping up with family or buying plane tickets. The same can be said about education, it extends beyond the walls of the classroom.

As we celebrate National Child’s Day on November 20, we feature Kids.gov, a site run by the United States government with resources dedicated to the education of children and teens. Kids.gov consists of four main sections: two for students (children and teens), one for teachers, and one for parents.

Kids.gov main sections

These two sections provide age-appropriate information about school topics such as reading and writing, social studies, and math. There are interactive games to play and educational videos to watch. Students will also find information about all the states, and fun quizzes about topics such as science, history, and United States government.

This section offers resources and study materials to help teachers plan their lessons, a calendar to plan seasonal school activities, and various other educational resources. There are also lesson plans for popular themes – like Presidents Day and holidays – as well as other informative material.

Parents and family members looking to help their children with studying and school work will find plenty of resources in this section. There are age-appropriate reading lists, ideas for getting more active and other important themes for parents and children.

Both parents and teachers can subscribe to Kids.gov to receive email updates. Learn more with exclusive games, posters and videos. Check out USA.gov blog throughout November to see the editor’s picks from Kids.gov.



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