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Juan Maria Solare, new release‏

Short Album “Aphorismen” (contemporary classical). Juan María Solare, piano solo


juan maria solare

Latin | Classical | World Music/Contemporary

Aphorisms” are twelve piano miniatures composed and performed by Juan María Solare (an Argentine pianist that lives in Germany):

The instrument for which this work was originally conceived is the chromatic lyre, an instrument similar to the harp developed jointly in 1926 by the pianist Edmund Pracht and the sculptor Lothar Gärtner. It is often used in the fields of education and music therapy related to the anthroposophy and the thought of Rudolf Steiner.


But the Aphorismen may be performed at the piano, as this recording shows.

The musical language of this piece is abstractpost-tonal, and its genre contemporary classical.



I – Moderato cromatico 0:56

II – Allegretto 0:21

III – Grave 0:50

IV – Maestoso, nobile 0:37

V – Grazioso 0:32

VI – Ensimismado – selbstversunken 0:31

VII – Vals – Walzer 0:33

VIII – Andante alla orientale 0:54

IX – Moderato diatonico 0:45

X – Sereno – ruhig 1:05

XI – Insistente – eindringlich 1:07

XII – Retrospectivamente – rückblickend 0:36


This cycle of twelve pieces was composed in Berlin between 14th and 15th July, 2008. The work, which duration is about ten minutes, is dedicated to Juliane Dehning.



Recorded at the Community Hall of the church Zionskirche in Worpswede (Germany) on Saturday, 23 August 2014

Grand piano Steinway & Sons (from 1910)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Juan María Solare

Cover Art by the British artist Alban Low (London) [www.albanlow.com]



Release: 5 December 2014.


Label Janus Music & Sound, catalogue number JMS-005


This is a download-only album. If you want a physical edition, you will have to contact the pianist and negotiate (DonSolare@gmail.com).



ISWC (International Standard Musical Work Code): T-802.622.799-7




Juan María Solare (Buenos Aires 1966) is one of those musicians that open scarcely travelled paths. The originality of his music stems from the confluence between post-Piazzollian tango and classical contemporary music. His singular style represents a synthesis of North and South, classical and popular, wit and melancholy, performance and composition.


He has given piano recitals in Buenos Aires and dozens of Argentinean cities, plus Berlin, Istanbul, Finland, Denmark, Amsterdam, Madrid, Graz, Geneva, Seville, London, Texas… The audience at his concerts is fascinated by his warmth and quality.


Solare conducts the Orquesta no Típica at the university of Bremen (Germany) and the symphony orchestra of the Bremer Orchestergemeinschaft. At the Hochschule für Künste in Bremen he teaches Composition and Arrangements. As a pianist with over 400 concerts on his account, he has participated at the World Tango Summit on three occasions. He is the editor of four albums for the publishing house Ricordi Munich. His compositions have been awarded prizes eleven times and are performed from New York to Tokyo, from Mexico to Australia. Fourteen CDs by different performers include at least one piece by Juan María Solare.



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