8:34 pm - Tuesday December 12, 2017

JUAN LUIS GUERRA presents his new album TODO TIENE SU HORA- #1 at radio with TUS BESOS for the 4th week in a row‏

TODO TIENE SU HORA, Juan Luis Guerra 4.40’s 12th studio album, goes on sale today, November 10th, under Capitol Latin/Universal Music Latin Entertainment.


Preceded by national and international success thanks to the first single “Tus Besos” – which has remained at #1 on Billboard’s “Latin Airplay” for four consecutive weeks and this week reach #1 “Latin Pop”,  #1 “Tropical”chart – TODO TIENE SU HORA includes 10 songs, all written by Guerra, that showcase a unique sound reflected on four different music genres such as the bachata, merengue, salsa and son.


“This is an innovative album. Even though we continue with our traditional genres, which are merengue, bachata, son and salsa, the instrumentation on this album is completely different. We used strings, violins, instruments commonly used in classical music and we adapted them to the bachata… we try to bring happiness to people even while addressing a social issue”, said Juan Luis Guerra about the album.


Some of the album’s new songs include:  “Cookies & Cream”, a merengue fused with funk and jazz with a social message that includes personalities from his native country, “Canto a Colombia”,a tribute to Colombia, where a mix of cumbia with guaracha is predominant, “Todo Tiene Su Hora”, the track title which is a danceable merengue, “Para Que Sepas”, a truly musical gem in the rhythm of the son, “De Moca A Paris”, a merengue which features a guest appearance by Johnny Ventura, a very special duet for Guerra, whom for years has declared his admiration for the Merengue legend. Other songs include: “Dime Mi Nora”, dedicated to his wife, “Muchachita Linda”, a bachata inspired by his daughter, “El Capitán” and “Todo Pasa”.


TODO TIENE SU HORA reaffirms his admired songwriting style and creativity. “It always originates from the purpose of making people happy through my songs and my music. We truly have a romantic and danceable album and we are extremely happy with the result,” expressed the tree-time GRAMMY® and 15-time Latin GRAMMY® winner.


Juan Luis Guerra, whom just last week travel to Santo Domingo, Miami and New York on a promotional tour, will continue his “Gigant2s” tour with Marc Anthony during the month of December to then kick off his brand new tour TODO TIENE SU HORA in 2015.


TODO TIENE SU HORA is now available at physical and digital stores around the world.



Cookies & Cream

Tus Besos

Canto a Colombia

Todo Tiene Su Hora

Dime Nora Mía

Para Que Sepas

El Capitán

Muchachita Linda

Todo Pasa

De Moca a París (feat. Johnny Ventura)



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