11:34 am - Wednesday December 13, 2017

“Illegal Pete” Turner Responds to Name Controversy, AnnouncesDecision‏

Founder and President of Illegal Pete’s, Pete Turner, has spoken to the name Illegal Pete’s and what it means to him and his company.

He says in the statement that the word ‘illegal’ is “just as much a part of our company as the bricks and the concrete floors and the queso that we make. The word ‘illegal’ means many things; in this statement, I have outlined what it means to me. So, I will not change the name of our company.”

He has announced that he’ll go forward with the name the company has used for the past 20 years when he opens the new location in Fort Collins, Colorado, and welcomes all to join at the Grand Opening November 13th {INFO}.  After announcing his decision, Turner wants to urge supporters of all sides of the issue to be respectful to one another, online and at the Grand Opening. Last Wednesday, Turner issued a statement in Illegal Pete’s newsletter The Weekly Mix, which still holds true:

We respect all types of people and all feelings as valid; and we hope all parties will avoid adding hostility to the discussion. This kind of conversation’s what makes this country great. That, and burritos.

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