2:25 pm - Tuesday November 21, 2017

Zoo Welcomes a Baby Orangutan!‏



 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is thrilled to welcome a new family member – a baby Bornean orangutan. The baby was born yesterday, October 29, at 11:27 p.m.; the sex is not yet known. This is the second baby for parents, Hadiah, an 18-year-old female Bornean orangutan, and father Tujoh, a 20-year-old male Bornean orangutan. Orangutans are pregnant for an average of 245 days, or a little over eight months. The Zoo has been watching Hadiah 24 hours a day for the past two months, so staff witnessed the birth.

“Less than 10 orangutan babies are born each year at Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) institutions, so Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is very excited about contributing to the genetic diversity of the captive population,” Dina Bredahl, Animal Care Manager, said. “We’re very happy that the baby appears to be healthy, and Hadiah is being a good mother. We will continue to monitor both of them for several weeks to ensure that they both continue to thrive.”

The Zoo’s great ape exhibit will be closed until further notice to give the new arrival and mom time to bond and give Hadiah time to gain confidence in her mothering skills. The Zoo will make an announcement when Primate World reopens for guests.




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