1:55 am - Thursday February 22, 2018

For the 1st time EVERYONE can vote Naked!‏

vote naked
On October 14th ballots will mail out to each and every registered voter! For the first time ever, you can vote naked! Your neighbor can vote naked!  Your boss, co-workers, friends – everyone!
  • Or at the dog park
  • the office
  • in your car
  • at your favorite coffee shop
  • anywhere you want
You can even vote in person at a voting service center.  Your ballot can be mailed back, dropped off, or picked up.
The most important thing to remember is to VOTE!
So what is your voting plan?  
Show us how you voted – post your picture (nothing too graphic, please) to Twitter, Instagram and on Facebook #VoteNaked
The list of polling and drop off locations are available here: EPC 
If you would like for us to pick up your ballot or a get ride to a voting service center, call the office at 719-473-8713.
If you have not received your ballot by Oct. 16th, call the El Paso County Clerk and Recorders office 719-575-Vote.  You can register to vote until Nov. 4th!
Happy Voting however you do it.



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