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Electronic Hip-Hop Duo SMACKTOWN Debut New Music Video for “ChelseaGrin” – Featuring Jarren Benton, Jeff Turner, AntiMatter, and Matuse‏

Electronic Hip-Hop Duo SMACKTOWN Debut New Music Video for “Chelsea Grin” –

Featuring Jarren Benton, Jeff Turner, AntiMatter, and Matuse


Watch it Now, Exclusively via CraveOnline


New “Powerless/Chelsea Grin” Split EP Out Now – Buy via iTunes

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Often, rappers attempt to bridge the gap between genres – whether it’s rock to rap, rap to metal, or rap to electronic. Australian duo SMACKTOWN successfully combine all three genres and then some, showcasing tongue-twisting lyricism with heavy beats and straightforward, political ideals. Add a few extra buzzing rappers into the mix, and you have yourself the brand new single ‘Chelsea Grin’.


SMACKTOWN bridge the gap between Australia and America on their second single off the Powerless/Chelsea Grin EP by connecting with two artists from each country; from the U.S. Jarren Benton (Funk Volume) & Jeff Turner and from the land down under AntiMatter (of Devastator) & Matuse. Together, these double-time rappers team up for a politically driven Hardcore Hip-Hop posse cut with a metaphorical stance against religious organizations and corporate greed. The modern revolutionaries in the video, represented by those in the vendetta masks, give our political, corporate, and religious characters, a taste of their own medicine – money.


Taking the phrase “putting your money where your mouth is” to a whole new level (see the definition of a Chelsea Grin, if you’re still confused), the brand new music video is available for viewing now, exclusively via CraveOnline, here: http://www.craveonline.com/music/articles/780645-video-premiere-smacktown-chelsea-grin-feat-jarred-benton-jeff-turner-antimatter


Want more from SMACKTOWN? Watch two other videos released recently:

Powerless (official video)



Chelsea Grin (Belzebass RMX) (live video)



SMACKTOWN has been riling up crowds and annihilating the underground rap scene in Australia since 2007. Catching the ears of fans across the globe with their first two EP’s Warning (2010) and $laves (2012), the group are following up with the Powerless/Chelsea Grin EP, mentioned above. Featuring nine tracks, the EP was recently released via Fight Music! and successfully meshes together the above mentioned influences unlike ever before. SMACKTOWN are continuing to push boundaries with this combination, as well as featuring several rappers from around the world on the new EP.


Powerless/Chelsea Grin EP tracklisting:

1. Fight II

2. Pure Evil ft. Laura K-Waters

3. Powerless

4. Final Storm ft. Mirrah, Jah Tung

5. Bite Your Face

6. Chelsea Grin ft. M.Sith

7. Beast Mode ft. Empress MC

8. Chelsea Grin (Remix) ft. AntiMatter, Matuse, Jarren Benton, Jeff

Turner, M.Sith

9. Chelsea Grin (Belzebass Remix)



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