7:27 pm - Wednesday December 13, 2017

Sarah Aroeste

International Ladino Singer Aroeste Releases New Video of Original Ladino Pop Song

World Music/Contemporary | Latin | Indie Rock

American-born Sarah Aroeste continues to push the boundaries of contemporary Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) music by releasing a new pop-style video of an original Ladino song, “Chika Morena.”  Off of Aroeste’s most recent Ladino album, GraciaChika Morena is an original song about the iconic Sephardic “morena” figure: the gypsy girl wandering the world in search of returning home.


I am the dark beauty
The one with the long hair
And the strong eyes
But with a happy heart.
I have lived more than 1000 years
I have crossed seas and borders
One day I will return to my land
Where the warmth of my mother awaits me.

Full lyrics and translations can be found here.

With a cinematic musical arrangement, the video portrays a young girl as she journeys across a landscape picking up familiar symbols along the way that will help her return home. This song serves to suggest that in this globalized world today, we are all just searching to feel connected with our roots.

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