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The film “The Liberator”, directed and produced by filmmaker Alberto Arvelo and starring Edgar Ramirez, will represent Venezuela for The Oscars. The film, based on the life of Simon Bolívar, is an epic biopic about his fight for Latin America’s independence, and has received high praise from international critics.


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It has been officially confirmed that “The Liberator” will represent Venezuela and compete for the nomination of “Best Foreign Language Film” at the Academy Awards. The film might also receive a nomination for“Best Original Score,” which was composed by Gustavo Dudamel, director of the LA Philharmonic.

This is the third time that writer, director, and producer, Alberto Arvelo, will represent Venezuela at The Oscars with one of his films.

“The Liberator” will be released on October 3rd in over 21 cities of the United States, including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami.

The film’s cast includes Edgar Ramírez, as Simón Bolívar; María Valverde, in the role of María Teresa del Tori; Imanol Arias, in the role of Monteverde, leader of the Spanish Forces; Erich Wilpret, as Antonio José de Sucre; Manuel Porto as Miranda; and Danny Huston, as Martin Torkington.

Trailer for “The Liberator”



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