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Ernesto Yerena Montejano Designs Artwork For Red Bull Latagráfica Edición II Can



Chicano Artist’s Cultural Inspired Design Featured on Limited Edition Red Bull Cans

Red Bull Latagráfica, a project paying homage to the Los Angeles and Latino art communities, returned to the city where it started – this time as Edición II – with an expanded portfolio of ten artists and two mediums including a limited edition Red Bull can and murals throughout LA.   Beginning in January Red Bull gave wings to Southern California artists and unveiled one mural every month showcasing artists’ interpretations of the Spanish term “puedes” or “you can.”  One of the participating artists, Ernesto Yerena Montejano, was selected to create custom artwork for a limited edition Red Bull Latagráfica Edicion II 12 oz. can which is available in select markets in California, Arizona, Texas, Illinois and other targeted locations in the US.


El Diseño

Yerena, who was born in El Centro, CA and currently lives in Los Angeles, took inspiration for his can design from Día De Los Muertos. “My interpretation of the word ‘energy’ led me to create a stylized image of the sun. To me, the rose represents dignity, butterflies represent migration, metamorphosis and the voyage, and fire represents energy and knowledge. The calavera is my representation of a Día De Los Muertos sugar skull.  To me, the holiday is to celebrate life and death, which is meaningful because to celebrate death is to no longer fear it.”


El Artista

Growing up in El Centro, just 15 minutes from the border of Mexico, Yerena lived and attended school in the United States but spent most of his free time with family south of the border in Mexicali. Constantly crossing the border gave him a unique perspective, and in his eyes, the best of both worlds with access to a U.S. education and the authentic cultural richness of Mexico. He began college at the age of 17 and has since earned his BA in Visual Communications.  For several years, Yerena has worked as an artist assistant to Shepard Fairey of Obey Giant, and in 2008, he founded the  HECHO CON GANAS (HCG) publishing project.

Being from a small working class city, it is rare for people from my neighborhood to see themselves as someone who could make a living from their creativity,” said Yerena.  “I think that when they see my Red Bull can at the store with the design created by me, a local artist, it might change their minds about art and the viability of making a living as an artist,” explains Yerena.

On his participation in the project, Yerena explains, “It was the legacy of the Red Bull brand within culture that convinced me to be a part of the project. I am very excited to know that my art will be produced in a large scale and to a broader audience and it is exciting for me to anticipate the amazing projects and opportunities that will come out of this,” he continued.




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