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Congressman Beauprez’s Immigration PoliciesHarmful‏

Congressman Beauprez’s Immigration Policies Harmful to Colorado’s Latino Community

 “Congressman Beauprez calls ‘anchor baby’ amendment a complication to immigration solution and flip-flops on driver license law”


 As we honor Hispanic Heritage Month and those Hispanic leaders who have fought to make this state and country great, it’s disturbing to hear the Republican candidate running for Governor use the term “anchor baby” when describing the 14th Amendment and watch as he flip flops on Colorado’s new driver license law.


Congressman Beauprez’s insensitive use of the term “anchor baby” only hurts the broad conversation around solutions to our country’s broken immigration system. It’s the same Washington, DC rhetoric the tea party uses to obstruct any progress on this critically important issue.   


Furthermore, Congressman Beauprez is sending mixed signals to Colorado’s Latino community regarding his view of Colorado’s new driver license law. During Peter Boyle’s radio show on KNUS-710, Congressman Beauprez implied he would end all sanctuary policies in Colorado including Colorado’s new driver’s license program. However, his spokesman, when asked the same question said: “The licensing program is the law of the state of Colorado. And, Congressman Beauprez, will uphold the laws of the state, not pick and choose the ones’ he likes.”


Rick Palacio, Chairman of the Colorado Democratic Party said:


“Congressman Beauprez’s immigration policies are extreme and will further isolate, profile, and breakup Latino families across Colorado. His reference to the 14th Amendment as the ‘anchor baby’ amendment is offensive and we need to know where he stands on Colorado’s new driver license law.” 




Beauprez Supported Amending the Fourteenth Amendment to Remove Birthright Privileges


Beauprez wrote: “Section 1 of the Fourteenth Amendment-the ‘birthright’ or ‘anchor baby’ amendment-considerably complicates a solution for illegal immigrants currently in the United States. . Automatic citizenship for children born in the United States, along with the promise of jobs and living conditions far better than in most of the world, draws people across our border like a powerful magnet. It is doubtless that millions are citizens of the United States merely by the fact that they were born on the right side of the border. Some no doubt are pleased, proud, and productive citizens. Others have no affinity for this country, didn’t choose to come here, refuse to assimilate, and even express animosity towards the United States.” Beauprez stated that he supports changing these birthright privileges, and goes on: “There is legitimate concern over separation of families made up of some illegal immigrants and some citizens, but that issue was not created by the United States or by US citizens and taxpayers. It was created when someone chose to enter or stay in the United States illegally. . . . The solution outlined above does not mean a family must separate. It does mean that they will have to make a choice, just as someone in the family did when he or she chose to be in the United States illegally.” (A Return to Values: A Conservative Looks at His Party, published 1/1/09)


Beauprez pushes to end all sanctuary policies during radio interview – Beauprez said he would stop “sanctuary policies” for those in the country illegally. Peter Boyles, the host added, “And I want to put in there illegals getting driver’s licenses” and Beauprez answered, “Yeah, what you’ve got to do is enforce the rule of law” (referring to the federal law). (KNUS Radio Interview, 8/27/14)

Beauprez’s Spokesman Contradicts His Boss – Beauprez campaign spokesman Allen Fuller “(The licensing program) is the law of the state of Colorado. And, as governor, Bob will uphold the laws of the state, not pick and choose the ones he likes. (Denver Post, 9/3/2014)



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