3:49 pm - Wednesday February 21, 2018

Daniel Lanois Announces Uprise.FM Streaming Service: Rare Recording On Demand

Seminal Artist/Producer Daniel Lanois Announces Uprise.FM – a Music Streaming Service Centered Around the Artist Community
UPRISE.FM Will Offer Unique and Rare Recordings On Demand.
Daniel Lanois, one of the world’s most influential music producers, today announced his participation in a new on the demand music streaming service and artist community called Uprise.FM, set to launch in 2015.
Uprise.FM will offer a unique music experience, featuring the rare, unique and live recordings owned by artists that aren’t available on commercial streaming sites.
Lanois, a 10-time Grammy winning producer of classic recordings from artists including U2, Bob Dylan and Peter Gabriel, sees Uprise.FM as an opportunity for artists to get further compensated for their work, and for fans to discover new recordings and performances not found on commercial studio releases. Uprise.FM will also function as an artist hub, with artist services such as artist classifieds and free storage of live and unique tracks.
“It’s time for a streaming service that is centred around and driven by the artist community directly,” said Lanois. “Artists are prolific beyond a new recording every two years. They perform, tour, record, and collaborate constantly. Uprise.fm will not only make these rare and unique recordings available, we will ensure that the artists are fairly compensated for this work.” –Daniel Lanois
Lanois will be both the Creative Director and Chief Music Curator of Uprise.fm.
Uprise.FM was founded by Montreal businessman and consummate music fan Gary Silverman.  “As a fan, I was constantly searching music sites to find rare material from the artists I follow. I began to realize that there was so much more music out there that fans want to listen to, beyond what you hear on commercial recordings and streaming sites.  I wanted to create a site where music lovers could find the live and unique recordings they’re searching for, while compensating these great artists for their amazing music that would otherwise be hidden in vaults or on hard drives or uploaded on free sites.”
Although Uprise.FM won’t be officially launched until 2015, content curation has already begun through a music opportunity that will be judged by music critics and experts, including Lanois himself. Liveinyourcity.com is offering a $10,000 grand prize for the best live/studio take recording, as well as several other prizes. The submission period for the first contest will close on August 31st, 2014.



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