3:32 pm - Monday December 18, 2017

You have what it takes to be a brain builder with your children!

Parents with children ages from birth to five are now able to access free daily bite-sized brain-building activities through their iPhones or Android devices.

The ‘Daily Vroom’ activities are part of a new initiative from the Bezos Family Foundation – known as ‘Vroom’ – which highlights the importance of brain-building moments between parents, caregivers and young children.

At the core of the initiative – and supported by the latest scientific research – is the understanding that the first five years of a child’s life are when they develop the foundation for all future learning. Every time we connect with a child, it’s not just their eyes that light up – it’s their brains.

Vroom – and the Daily Vroom activities – turns everyday shared moments into brain-building moments. Whether it’s mealtime, bath time or anytime in between, there are always to nurture a child’s growing mind. There are many ways every parent and caregiver can be a brain-builder.

Parents and caregivers who are on the go can download the free Daily Vroom app from either Google Play (Android platform) or the Apple App Store (iOS platform). Once the app is downloaded, parents and caregivers can sign up in seconds to get daily brain-building activities based on their child’s age and stage of development. Each one inspires a fun activity or game for parent and child to do together, while learning the science behind how each activity helps build the child’s brain.

Parents and caregivers can learn more about how to be a brain-builder at www.joinvroom.org.



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