4:59 am - Friday December 15, 2017

Mi Casa Commended by White House for Effective “Job-Driven” Strategies

A federal review of job-training programs culminates in a new bill and a report highlighting effective workforce development programs, including Mi Casa’s


Mi Casa Resource Center has been singled out by the White House and a report by Vice President Joe Biden for successful “job-driven” strategies for workforce development programs that help workers with limited skills and education prepare for promising career path employment.

In his 2014 State of the Union Address, President Obama announced that Vice President was leading a review of federally funded training programs in order to inform a process to make these programs more job-driven – that is, highly responsive to the needs of employers.

Today, the President and Vice President announced the results of the review, including new actions by the federal government. Vice President Biden issued a report that details how to make federally funded training programs more effective and highlights successful job-driven career training programs across the country – including Mi Casa Resource Center.

Today President Obama also signed the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, which the White House says will “help improve business engagement and accountability across federally-funded training programs.”

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act arrived on Obama’s desk after overwhelming approval in the House and Senate (415-6 and 95-3 respectively). According to the National Skills Coalition, a group of employers, unions, education organizations and public officials, the new law “signals that Congress wants to see more proven job-driven training strategies.”

“Mi Casa has worked hard to ensure our career training programs engage employers at every step of the process – from informing the design of the training curricula to expanding opportunities for our students at graduation,” said Christine Marquez-Hudson, CEO/Executive Director of Mi Casa.

“Our career training programs have an incredible 75% full-time job-placement rate thanks in large part to this close collaboration with our employer partners.”



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