6:05 am - Wednesday December 13, 2017

Los Tigres del Norte Release Their New Single “LA BALA”‏

tigres del norte

LOS TIGRES DEL NORTE the international and multi-awarded “Jefes de Jefes”, and idols of the people, are back with a new song. The song is being internationally released today and will  spearhead promotion of their new album.

Their roar will be heard loud and clear starting today with the song “La Bala” (The Bullet), a Norteño song penned by  Jesús Omar Tarazón which lyrics will strongly impact the public. LOS TIGRES DEL NORTE,  will once again address this topic with lyrics that reflect a real-life story that currently swamp society all over the world. 

La Bala”  marks the return, of LOS TIGRES DEL NORTE to the recording studio. Nearly four years have passed since the release their successful Unplugged album.

 “La Bala” off their forthcoming album due in October  is a song that will directly impact the conscience of audiences.

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