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Leadership Pikes Peak Volunteers Give Self-Help Center a Facelift‏

Leadership Pikes Peak Volunteers Give Self-Help Center a Facelift


Ribbon Cutting on August 1 , 2014.  7:15 AM at the County Court House.


The El Paso and Teller County Self-Help Center will host a ribbon cutting on Friday July 18 at 7:15 AM at the El Paso County Court House, 270 S. Tejon Street.  The Self Help Center is a legal services center open to the citizens of El Paso and Teller counties who want to research and file legal processes on their own.  The center provides brochures on a wide range of subjects including Divorce, Child Support, Domestic Violence, Wage Assignment, Mediation, and Victim’s Rights. Free resource information is also available on sealing records, getting legal help, parenting classes, CASA exchange programs, counseling and therapy, and pro-se clinics that provide free help for those filing for divorce and custody.


The ribbon cutting celebrates the work of a core group of Leadership Pikes Peak (LPP) Class of 2013 graduates, the El Paso County Bar Association and the County Clerk’s office to upgrade the space making it more user friendly.  Thanks to a $500 sponsorship from Aspire IP, LLC, many significant improvements to accessibility and service at the Self Help Center were completed.


The Center is open to anyone who wants to handle certain legal matters on their own.  Lisa Younger Anderson, Self Represented Litigant Coordinator with the Center shared that the space was, “uninviting and not a welcoming place for our customers to fill out their paperwork.”  The team determined that the Center needed a new Volunteer Manual and an updated, more contemporary space.  The Manual re-do was easy, the space needed more work.  The LPP group re-arranged and replaced furniture, painted, put up signage and installed a flat screen TV to scroll timely announcements and community information.


Eric Burton, also a Self Represented Litigant Coordinator, says, “The majority of our clients would rather be spending their time somewhere else, but we have heard so much about how the room is so much more inviting than it was in the past.”   The $500 sponsorship from Aspire IP, LLC ensured that all the pieces were tied together for the space.  Additional in-kind support came from Christofferson Commercial Builders and Vikki Walton’s interior design.


For more information:  contact Melissa Marts 649-9840 or director@wrainc.org




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