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Intocable 20 años


Intocable celebrates 20 years and their success keeps growing and growing, as they announce an upcoming album with more than 20 songs that have been huge hitson radio and also among their fans in their live performances.


It all began in Zapata, Texas, where a couple of young guys — Ricky Muñoz and René Martinez- spent their days rehearsing and daydreaming about success.  Years later, that city would turn their dreams into a reality that is now known as INTOCABLE.


Throughout the band’s 20-year career, its leaders Ricky and Rene, have manifested their love for “música norteña,” by creating a unique style that identifies the band.


Mentioning INTOCABLE inevitably makes people think of hits such as “Eres Mi Droga”, Enseñame a Olvidarte, “Sueña”, “Eso Duele”, “El Poder de tus Manos”, “Aire”, “Vivir sin Ellas”, “Dame un Besito”, “Bastó”, “Tu Adiós no Mata”, “Contra Viento y Marea”, and many more songs which have placed them among that select group of artists who have been able to make the radio crossover.


Although the band produced INTOCABLE 2011 under their own label, Good I Music, this time they decided to join forces with Universal Music Group for En Peligro de Extinción in their aim to expand their reach to the Central American and South American markets, since Universal has the distribution infrastructure required for this goal. In this album, INTOCABLE lends its characteristically rhythmic voice to the words of renowned songwriters Ikerlan (group’s head writer), José Zamora, Josué Contreras and Miguel Mendoza, with whom they’ve co-written in past albums. Ikerlan wrote their single “Te Amo Para Siempre” which debuted to a sold out crowd in the Monterrey Arena on November 30th, 2012. “Culpable Fui (Culpable Soy), a power ballad reminiscent of the 1980s rock power ballads, was written by the famous Mexican singer-songwriter, Reyli Barba.


The group’s achievements have been recognized with seven Latin GRAMMY and two American GRAMMY’s, including its most recent for Best Norteno Album for “Classic” in 2011, thirteen Premios lo Nuestro, and the title of “Grupo of the Decade” for the Regional Mexican Band in 2010 by Billboard. INTOCABLE truly proves that talent mixed with passion plus the love of fans can truly take you on a journey to the top of the charts.


Intocable shares a thank you message with their fans:


“We want to give special thanks to everyone that carries the message of Intocable, and all the MEDIA and RADIO STATIONS, without whom it would have been impossible for us to reach so many hearts. And last but certainly not least, ACTUALLY ON THE CONTRARY, to all of our FANS, thanks to all of you for making us who we are, and to all of you who stay up late at night and reach the sunrise thinking of us.”


 New album is being recorded in Los Angeles and Zapata: a new mega-production is on its way!


There is no doubt: Intocable keeps reaching millions of hearts and making history with their message and their music.


Grammy-winning, INTOCABLE will play The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on Friday, October 24. TICKETS ON SALE FRIDAY, JULY 11TH at 10:00 AM


Check out latest video “DIMELO” http://www.vevo.com/watch/intocable-1/dmelo/QMYCN1400107



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