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Hispanicize 2015 and Latina Mom Bloggers Launch Tecla Awards for Excellence in Latino Blogging, Micro-Blogging and Social Media Marketing‏

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Hispanicize 2015 and Latina Mom Bloggers Launch Tecla Awards for Excellence in Latino Blogging, Micro-Blogging and Social Media Marketing

– Blogging industry trade partner iBlog Magazine will participate in presentation of awards program

MIAMI, FL – July 8, 2014 – (HISPANICIZE WIRE) – Hispanicize 2015, the nation’s largest annual Latino trends, newsmakers and marketing event, and its sister company the Latina Mom Bloggers network today announced the launch of the Tecla Awards for excellence in Latino blogging, micro-blogging and social media marketing.

“These prestigious awards will showcase the increasingly sophisticated and impressive work that Latino bloggers, micro bloggers, journalists, brands and agencies are executing in the digital multicultural space,” said Manny Ruiz, founder and creative director of the Hispanicize event. (See the official recap for Hispanicize 2014 here: http://youtu.be/AYizCcZ0D0k).

“The Tecla Awards will unite and celebrate the entire industry of Latino social media and digital marketing at a time when a growing number of brands and agencies are heavily seeking to work with bloggers, micro-bloggers and other content creators,” said Piera Jolly, Co-CEO of the Latina Mom Bloggers network that features nearly 1,000 lifestyle, mom, tech, travel, male and other Latino bloggers.

In tandem with the most advanced blogging and social media courses ever offered at the Hispanicize event, the Tecla Awards program will serve as a major catalyst for professionalizing blogging and the industry of Hispanic and multicultural social media.

Nominations and awards process

Conducted in alliance with iBlog Magazine (iBlogMagazine.com), the blogging industry’s premier trade media outlet, the inaugural Tecla Awards will feature 25 award categories, 20 focused on Latino bloggers and micro-blogging and five devoted to multicultural marketing agencies and brands. The word Tecla in Spanish stands for an individual key on a keyboard.

The nominations process for the Tecla Awards officially commences August 1 and ends November 30. Except for two categories specific to Spanish-language content creation, all nominations will be treated equal regardless of language.

The Tecla Awards gala will kick off Hispanicize 2015 Week on March 16, 2015, the first day of the annual Latino trends event that will take place in Miami’s InterContinental Hotel, March 16-20. To underscore the importance of March 16 for bloggers, the Hispanicize event is also hosting its second annual Latino Blogger and Journalist Pre-Treat earlier in the day of March 16.

Awards process and categories

To ensure the integrity of the awards program process, a prestigious panel of 30 judges consisting of 10 top bloggers, 10 top brand marketers and 10 top marketing agencies will select all the winners. Partners of the Hispanicize brand of companies and individuals from other blogger content marketing networks themselves will not be eligible to win any of the awards but the brands and/or agencies who work with them will not be excluded from submitting entries.

The blogging, social media and marketing award categories are:

Best Latina Fashion/Beauty Blogger

Best Latino Parenting Blogger

Best Latino Food Blogger

Best Latino Sports/Fitness Blogger

Best Latino Technology Blogger

Best Latino Travel Blogger

Best Latino Entertainment Blogger

Best Political Blogger

Best Latino Business or Finance Blogger

Best Latino Cultural News Web Site

Best Use of Instagram for Social Media Marketing

Best Latino on YouTube

Best Latino on Vine or Instagram Video

Best Latina on Twitter

Best Latino on Twitter

Best Spanish-language Blogger

Best Spanish-language Vlogger

Best Latino Pinterester

Most Creative Sponsored Blog Post

Most Creative Sponsored Vlog Post

Most Creative Sponsored Vine or Instagram Video

Best Latino Facebook Fan Page Community

Best Non Profit or Cause-related Marketing Campaign of the Year

Best Social Media Marketing Campaign of the Year

Best Latino Celebrity in Social Media



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