9:17 pm - Monday January 22, 2018

Gardner’s immigration doublespeak gets scrutiny‏

Congressman Gardner’s constant doublespeak on immigration is attracting unwanted attention from activists, press, and even fellow Republican lawmakers. It’s clear Gardner believes he can speak in vague, flowery terms about the need for immigration reform while simultaneously continuing to block and fight the basic tenets of every reform package. He not only attacked the bipartisan Senate bill, he even rejected House Republicans’ modest immigration reform proposals.
Unfortunately for Gardner, he’s quickly realizing no one is falling for his clumsy slight of hand. That must be why his campaign is going out of its way to downplay the issue’s importance.
The bottom line: Gardner opposes the DREAM Act, supports deporting DREAMers, attacked a path to citizenship, and even rejected his own party’s modest efforts to reform our broken system.

Just today:
Associated Press on twitter: “Marco Rubio on @CoryGardnerCO & immig:’Cory is someone who understands the system we have in place doesnt work.’ That’s highest praise…Rubio can offer for Gardner, who opposes Rubio’s Senate bill, on the issue.”
Colorado Independent“It’s difficult to know exactly what kind of immigration reform Gardner would get behind, as his votes are mostly on the ‘no’ side of various measures…[W]hen it comes to immigration, Gardner has a hard-right legislative history — detailed in the timeline below. It’s a position that so far seems fairly consistent for Gardner, as his current Congressional website  touts border and benefit security at the top of his immigration reform to-do list…Gardner openly opposed the immigration standards put forward by Republican leadership this January which said essentially: border security must come first, employment verification must be updated and used, and even immigrants granted legal status should not be eligible for public benefits.”
Washington Post’s PlumLine“[I]mmigration advocates will ratchet up their focus on GOP Rep. Cory Gardner, the candidate trying to unseat Colorado Senator Mark Udall. Advocates will try to get local media to press Gardner to answer a specific question: Do you agree with Republicans who say we should respond to the current migrant crisis by ending Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which deferred deportation of the DREAMers?…Dems have countered by noting that Gardner voted for a 2013 Steve King amendment that would have ended Obama’s ability to deprioritize deportation of the DREAMers…When Gardner voted for the King amendment, he wasn’t a statewide candidate, and the vote was largely a sop to the right. But now many Republicans are renewing the case for ending DACA as their preferred policy response to an active, ongoing crisis. And Gardner is now a statewide candidate who would represent many Latinos.”



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