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Felipe Viel Named New Host Of Estrella TV´S Retofamos.O.S‏

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With His Famous Attitude And Engaging Stage Presence, Felipe Will Challenge The World’s Most Famous Spanish-Speaking Celebrities With Outrageous Competitions And More!

Felipe Viel is joining Estrella TV’s hit celebrity game show, RETOFAMOS.O.S., as its new host when the next season kicks off on Monday July 14, 8:00pm/7:00pm CST.

Estrella TV viewers will be able to see Felipe like they’ve never seen him before on Spanish language TV as he brings a new level of charisma and sensuality to RETOFAMOS.O.S. Felipe is ditching his signature suit and tie to show off his well-toned body with a hip, fashionable look, while bringing his sharp wit to the next level. In each episode, Felipe will get together six celebrities and invite them to face a series of original, hilarious, and entertaining challenges where glamour and fame are left behind to make way for fun and good humor.

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The sexy Lis Vega and the one-of-a-kind Armando “El Faquir” Hernández unite alongside Felipe as his Captains, who each lead two teams of three celebrities. Throughout the show, both teams will face 7 different challenges where Felipe will test the intelligence, skill, spontaneity and originality of his guests, and even make them sweat in uncomfortable situations.

The point value will vary, depending on the challenge, and in the end, the team that accumulates the most points will be the winner.

Although there is a rivalry between the teams as they fight to be on top, joy and good natured fun prevails on RETOFAMOS.O.S., led, of course, by the number one Hispanic host, Felipe Viel.



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